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Genetic providers have had solid tools to assist in making consistent genetic progress for many years. In the past few years improved EPDs, bolstered by the inclusion of genomic evaluation, have been a great step forward to making the potential for progress even greater. Now there is a tested program that offers substantially more rapid improvement and success from your investment in data collection and genomic testing. RightMate generates specific, precision mating options that take full advantage of complementarity genomics between sires and dams plus all of the EPD power created from today’s massive trait databases and it is easy to use. RightMate will absolutely change the trajectory and consistency of your genetic improvement program.

Never before has a tool been available to the beef business that drives positive change and reduce variability so quickly. Yes, RightMate technology can also help you create a more consistent calf crop. With the slow nature of improvement, because of the relatively low reproductive rate of cattle vs. other species, you simply can’t afford to make decisions that don’t assure progress. This is especially true for those with extensive embryo programs. The cost of filling recipient females with embryos from matings that could have been much better, is just too high to take chances.

Genomically assured recommendations are the key! All of us have had experiences when a mating that looked promising and exciting just didn’t work. There are simply some bulls that should be bred to some females on a genomic basis and others that should not, depending on your breeding objectives and desired outcomes. You choose the bulls you wish to use, and RightMate removes those that are marginal or risky choices on a cow-by-cow basis.  The final product is a list of the best sire choices for each female ranked according to your breeding objectives along with genetic expectations for each mating result.  From that sorted list, you make the call based on your experience and desires for the additional traits that matter to you and your customer’s business.

Managing genetic diversity is another feature of our precision mating tool.  For each mating, a “genomic inbreeding” prediction is part of the process and breeding report with appropriate weighting applied to ensure diversity for the future at a level prioritized by the producer.  This tool has great potential for commercial herds as well, where minimizing the negative effects of inbreeding can have significant positive effects on profitability.

Since 2019 we have grown to more than 100 customer herds using RightMate and RightChoice technologies with overwhelming success. In 2023 alone we will generate more than 15,000 seedstock mating recommendations and our growing list of commercial customers interested in precision mating is growing quickly as well.  The first females created using RightMate precision mating technology are already weaning their second calf crop and using RightMate for the calf sire decisions. The results are just as we had hoped they would be. Herds with much greater rates of genetic improvement for the traits they prioritize, more uniformity and marketability and ultimately more profit for themselves and their customers.

There are currently two RightMate options, but we have customized and blended these options for breeders that wish to. Both options require that raw genotypes are available for Top Genomics to evaluate on every sire and dam in the RightMate or RightMate Plus program.

Better. Stronger. Faster.


  1. Creates genomic mating suggestions for each female in the cow herd and provides decision making tools to guide you through the list of prescribed sires for each female.
  2. Uses the genotypes of up to 20 sires of your choice. You may use different sire lists for heifers vs. cow matings.


  1. RightMate Plus is designed more for donor or higher impact females.
  2. Females will be test mated to the entire Top Genomic sire database (or by the breed of your choice) and the top choices among the entire list are recommended.
  3. This list of high value sires to choose from with RightMate Plus is large and growing every week.

For more information, contact Marty Ropp 406-581-7835 or Tom Hook 507-829-5283.

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