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Access to more and better information has always been key to making wise decisions. The evolution and improvement of genetic evaluation tools too has given us an ever-clearer picture of the true genetic makeup of cattle and thus a better view of their value proposition. RightMate, powered by Top Genomics LLC is taking the evaluation of genetics and genomics one giant step further. By combining specific genomic information with the long-proven value of EPDs, this new advancement in technology improves our depth and precision when evaluating the actual ability to transmit value and profit. The 3 Accreditation Logos below are designed to simplify bull selection and improve buyer confidence by more accurately describing the genetics offered and by reducing risk. What this means to you as a commercial customer is much greater assurance that you are getting both what you want and need from the genetics you purchase in a very simple to use program. What it means to your seedstock provider is access to RightMate technology that simply sets them apart from the rest of the industry. 

ACCREDITED CALVING EASE – Simply find bulls with the ACE logo for third party Accredited, secure Calving Ease bulls. Though we have had tools in the past to assist in choosing heifer bulls, we’ve never had one nearly this effective. The reduced risk that comes with this genomic certification will simply make your decisions easier and your heifer calving season more successful. Purchase special purpose ACE bulls with confidence. They will deliver consistent and predictable calving ease.

ACCREDITED TERMINAL MATE – Just like an ATM machine makes it simpler to access your cash, the ATM Logo highlights bulls accredited to generate extra cash income as soon as your next calf crop! These bulls are meant specifically to use only on mature cows and for the purpose of adding performance, pay weight and end product value to market.

ACCREDITED GENOMIC PLUS – For the majority of producers who simply need consistent and balanced genetic improvement, without genomic setbacks, G+ Accredited bulls should be on your list for premium purchase. These sires will absolutely move you forward for both cost reduction and income producing traits and substantially reduce risk when compared to all other evaluation programs. It’s simple, the right genes are in these bulls to help secure a profitable future and the they have great EPDs to match!

For more information, contact Marty Ropp 406-581-7835 or Tom Hook 507-829-5283.

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