Seedstock Producers

Value Added Commercial Marketing

The seedstock industry’s only purpose is to drive genetic change in the commercial cattle industry by breeding and developing bulls with balanced traits and bred-in profit drivers that add value at the ranch and beyond. Their efforts and dedication are vital to an industry challenged with producing a product that must excel in varying environments, with differing management practices, balanced with maternal and terminal requirements, all while performing in the feedlot and consistently delivering an enjoyable eating experience for the consumer. Not an easy job to say the least.

You’ve worked for years, in some cases for generations, at constant genetic improvement. It would be hard to measure the time and money you’ve invested in genetics to ensure your commercial customers can confidently buy the bulls you produce each year. But that alone is not enough to differentiate you from your competition. In today’s ever increasingly competitive seedstock business, you’ve got to offer customer service after the sale, including marketing options for your bull customers to capture the value they’ve invested in from your program. That’s where Allied can deliver solutions…

Allied values its relationship with Superior Livestock Auction, providing its bull customers with greater access to the nation’s largest buyer base and the risk management of forward contracting. Clint Berry has worked with buyers and sellers of high quality cattle for more than a decade, building a solid reputation with ranchers and feeders. Along with his growing team of Superior Livestock reps, strategically distributed throughout cattle country, Clint works daily in the market to build the supply and the demand for load lots cattle, with added value options that deliver profit throughout each segment of the industry.

If you’d like to add the competitive advantage of providing a marketing avenue that differentiates cattle with bred-in profit drivers with a proven history of capturing the value of the genetics purchased by your customers from your program, contact Allied to put Clint Berry and his team of Superior Livestock reps to work marketing your customers’ load lots of high quality commercial feeders and/or replacement females.

Genetic Acquisition

The Allied staff have a proven track record for finding and procuring some of the most valuable seedstock level bulls in the beef industry. Whether your need is for a highly marketable stud level bull or simply herd improving sires to follow AI, Allied will work with you to find and access genetics that meet your needs and goals. Just as importantly, we only represent breeders at the highest level for integrity and commitment to breeding value and genetic improvement so you avoid the pit falls that can come with genetics from a little known or high risk source.

Allied staff will personally screen well in excess of 10,000 young candidate sires per year and will attend in excess of 50 bull sales in 2016, from coast to coast. Though SimAngus and Simmental bulls are in largest supply, our high level staff expertise with Red Angus, Angus, Brangus, Shorthorn and Balancer genetics means that we can find breed improving genetics regardless of your choice. We understand that this type of genetic purchase is an important one that can affect your breeding program and profitability for many years to come. We take this responsibility seriously and pledge to work with you to help make wise choices for your future.

Our custom purchasing services come at no cost to the buyer, and we treat your dollars like they were our own, with confidentiality and no games. Give us a call anytime to start the process of finding and securing your next seedstock level sire or females.

Semen Sales

Allied is fast taking on a leadership role in the semen marketing business. From humble beginnings just a few years ago, our commitment to finding and then promoting only bulls that offer substantial genetic improvement to the beef industry has driven this portion of the Allied business to new plateaus and helped secure new partners. Our primary program is built around sampling a large number of young sires from some of the best breeder programs each year, and then promoting real progeny proof of value to determine which sires rise to the top and continue to be marketed to the industry. You will only find bulls with breed leading EPDs and value enhancing, practical phenotypes among our offerings. Whether you choose to purchase semen from one of our great semen marketing partners or directly from the Allied line up, give one of our staff a call for more information and profitable genetic options.

Strategic Planning & Consultation

A cattle business is like any other; it requires intense management, planning, and organization. Mastery of the essential principles that govern good management of products, profits, and people is step number one in any well thought out plan. Formulation of marketing strategies, supply chain matrixes, customer service pieces, and their execution are critical processes where the Allied Team can provide assistance.

Members of our team will work side by side with you to strategize and implement a new brand building campaign, the development of a company branded newsletter, or the expansion of your client services. We can help you effectively capture the value of your existing brand, while adding symbiotic customer service elements or products that continue to expand your trademark.

If you have thought about expanding into another market or adding a specialized or niche product to your current offering, we will help you consider all critical factors. Utilize our team’s substantial background in strategic marketing and brand development to help your program gain a competitive edge. A niche market is created when a company responds to a specific set of customer demands with a unique product or service. We’ll help build a specialized product plan of action to help your company stand apart from the crowd.

Perhaps you need to better identify or define your customers and their needs. We can help. A key fundamental to successful business management is identifying and understanding measurable components, like customer requirements, preferences, and needs. If you can effectively identify your customer and align with their goals, they are more likely to buy your product.

At the end of the day, people matter most; those that buy a product, and those that take the time to understand and meet their needs. Let us help you be more effective by creating a step by step process to formulate and execute plans to help your business remain healthy, competitive, and sustainable for the next generation.

Sales & Marketing Management

Here at Allied we take a different approach to Sales Management. We are far from the “Book’em and Bank’em” mentality that most other sales management firms live by today. Our interests are in establishing close working relationships with seedstock and large commercial producers, who stand behind their product, provide unprecedented customer service and have a true long term approach to marketing. Since the early days of Allied Genetic Resources, we have resisted the “quick fix” or “short term” options and given preference to those interested in long-term success.

The sales management division of Allied is no different. We believe that we can generate dollars for our customers in ways other than just selling their cattle on sale day. While that is an obvious strength for Allied, we also bring a new level of planning, organization and professionalism that is unmatched. We believe that having attention to detail and a well-executed plan will create value in your offering. We work to get the seller the best sale day staff available at the most reasonable price; in fact we pride ourselves in working for the seller to get the most out of their advertising dollars.

Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of the Allied business is our flexibility. We realize every sale opportunity is different; therefore each sale we manage receives a customized service package to cater to their specific needs. When we approach each sale we have a true “a la carte” menu, giving our customers the opportunity to identify their needs and allows for ultimate pricing flexibility.

Our experience has ranged from successfully managing one of the largest, most historic dispersal sales in recent history, starting a sale from scratch and elevating their average among the breed leaders. We have proven our ability to work with state association sales and even smaller online offerings. At this time we are looking to expand our sale calendar, especially in the fall and large female offerings. If you are interested in working with our experienced and knowledgeable team, we look forward to visiting with you.

Great partnerships are defined as mutually beneficial relationships that bring both value and strength to each of the participants that they might not enjoy alone. The beef business is full of opportunities, but none of us in this segmented industry can easily maximize success without the help of trusted partners. The Allied business offers a menu of service options to the commercial customers of its many seedstock supplier owners. High reputation partners are key to making these services available and valuable. Just as with the list of Allied ownership we know you will find our growing cast of industry partners a powerhouse and high reputation group built around offering the best products available to the commercial beef industry.