Commercial Marketing

Feeder Calf Marketing

You work hard throughout the year to deliver a quality animal to the weaning pen. You’re committed to management practices that add value at the ranch and beyond your own gate, including proper nutrition and complete herd health protocols. You’ve invested in superior genetics in the bulls you’ve bought and would like to find a way to capture the value of your efforts. That’s where Allied can deliver solutions…

Allied values its relationship with Superior Livestock Auction, providing its bull customers with greater access to the nation’s largest buyer base and the risk management of forward contracting. Clint Berry has worked with buyers and sellers of high quality cattle for more that a decade, building a solid reputation with ranchers and feeders. Along with his growing team of Superior Livestock reps, strategically distributed throughout cattle country, Berry works daily in the market to build both the supply, and the demand, for load lots cattle with added value options that deliver profit throughout each segment of the industry.

If you’re looking for a marketing avenue that differentiates cattle with bred-in profit drivers, and are ready to capture the value of the genetics from the bulls you’ve been investing in, contact Clint Berry and put his team of to market your load lots of high quality commercial feeders and/or replacement females.

Allied Feeding Partners LLC

Allied Feeding Partners (AFP) was formed by some of the nation's top seedstock producers who trust in the value of feeder cattle sired by their genetics & are dedicated to customer service after the sale. The primary goals of AFP are to build stronger, long term relationships with bull customers, ensure competition on sale day when customers are marketing their calves, and capture & share feedlot/harvest data with our customers to make better bull selection decisions & to utilize in future years when marketing their calves. Data past the ranch of origin is typically missing for most cattlemen, but AFP provides our customers with the chance to leverage that data for their long term benefit. 

Make no mistake...AFP plans to make money feeding cattle, this is not a charity. But our primary objective is to enhance the relationship between our commercial bull customers & our seedstock partners. By sharing critical performance, health & carcass data through harvest, customers of AFP have the insight to streamline their genetic selection decisions & the ability to build a stronger reputation with potential buyers of their cattle by providing them with past results. This philosophy works in all forms of marketing, but is most evident when marketed with our Rep Team on Superior Livestock Auction.  

In general, when a buyer purchases feeder cattle that perform well, they are not incentivized to share that data with the seller in fear of increasing the price of the cattle in future years. But AFP's goals are to assist our bull customers in their own profitability, with the trust of that dedication being rewarded with long term relationships between our seedstock suppliers & our customers. 

To learn more, contact Clint Berry (417) 844-1009 or your Allied seedstock provider. 

Great partnerships are defined as mutually beneficial relationships that bring both value and strength to each of the participants that they might not enjoy alone. The beef business is full of opportunities, but none of us in this segmented industry can easily maximize success without the help of trusted partners. The Allied business offers a menu of service options to the commercial customers of its many seedstock supplier owners. High reputation partners are key to making these services available and valuable. Just as with the list of Allied ownership we know you will find our growing cast of industry partners a powerhouse and high reputation group built around offering the best products available to the commercial beef industry.