Commercial Producers

Value Added Commercial Marketing

You work hard throughout the year to deliver a quality animal to the weaning pen. You’re committed to management practices that add value at the ranch and beyond your own gate, including proper nutrition and complete herd health protocols. You’ve invested in superior genetics in the bulls you’ve bought and would like to find a way to capture the value of your efforts. That’s where Allied can deliver solutions…

Allied values its relationship with Superior Livestock Auction, providing its bull customers with greater access to the nation’s largest buyer base and the risk management of forward contracting. Clint Berry has worked with buyers and sellers of high quality cattle for more that a decade, building a solid reputation with ranchers and feeders. Along with his growing team of Superior Livestock reps, strategically distributed throughout cattle country, Berry works daily in the market to build both the supply, and the demand, for load lots cattle with added value options that deliver profit throughout each segment of the industry.

If you’re looking for a marketing avenue that differentiates cattle with bred-in profit drivers, and are ready to capture the value of the genetics from the bulls you’ve been investing in, contact Clint Berry and put his team of to market your load lots of high quality commercial feeders and/or replacement females.

Genetic Acquisition

Commercial bulls and commercial genetics are our number one focus at Allied and commercial customers are our number one priority! Each year our member owners breed, develop and market more than 6000 commercial bulls. Custom evaluation and procurement from that offering is an important part of our business. Just in 2015 alone, Allied staff will source and purchase well in excess of 2 million dollars of commercial bulls sight unseen for customers and literally thousands of commercial replacement females. Whether your needs are for 1 or 100 bulls or females, our experienced Allied staff is a great tool to use to find and or purchase them. We have bull sources currently in 26 states and nearly every region of the country. We would love to have the opportunity to visit with you or stop in to evaluate your genetic needs and options for sourcing better genetics from commercially committed breeders who will absolutely stand behind them.

With all of the options and information available today in the genetics business, doesn’t it just make sense to work with people who evaluate and buy bulls and females every day? Our procurement services are free to commercial customers and we always represent the buyer. As an added benefit, our experience with auction and private treaty purchasing can absolutely save you time and money. Call us to see just how easy and pleasing that professional custom bull or female acquisition can be.

Semen Sales

Real world bulls designed and bred to generated profits for commercial cattle producers are the only bulls you will find carrying the Allied brand. Fertility, calving ease, efficient and often exceptional growth, carcass excellence and proven maternal value are all bred in to help insure success for years to come. We know that the sires you chose to use this year can have a significant financial impact on your herd for at least the next 10 to 15 years. That is why we offer and promote genetics designed for the largest segment of the beef business, the commercial cattlemen. We now have three great options to access industry leading genetics from Allied programs.

1. Allied Semen and Genetics has been a partner with ORIgen located in Billings Montana for more than 5 years now. The ORIgen commitment of “breeder to breeder” services is much like our own at Allied and they are a great partner to work with. We currently offer more than 100 sires with inventory distributed by ORIgen including high value SimAngus, Simmental, Red Angus, Angus and Brangus options. For more information on the sires listed with ORIgen, please contact any of our Allied staff or check out the listings at

2. Select Sires has been a great semen marketing partner now for more than 2 years. There experienced team of distributors and technicians do a tremendous job servicing customers across the country. You will see the Allied logo on many of their SimGenetics bulls. This logo is an assurance of genetic value. Originating from some of the best programs in the nation, you need only look at the genetic values, pedigrees and sources to understand the goals of our partnership effort.

3. Genex Cooperative is our latest partner in the genetic improvement business. With one of the largest and most potent line ups of bulls in the industry we expect great things from this partnership as well. You will see a growing number of Allied logo’ed bulls and some proven newcomers to the Genex line up very soon. Genex has a terrific group of folks who work at the grass roots level servicing both breeders and commercial herds. We believe that offering more high quality Allied bulls through that committed group will benefit everyone in the partnership.

Strategic Planning & Consultation

A cattle business is like any other, it requires intense management, planning, and organization. Mastery of the essential principles that govern good management of products, profits, and people is step number one in any well thought out plan. Formulation of cattle marketing strategies, supply chain streamlining, and their execution are critical processes where the Allied Team can provide assistance.

If you have thought about expanding your herd or adding a specialized product like commercial bred heifers, we will help you consider all critical factors. Utilize our team’s substantial background in strategic marketing and brand development to help your program gain a competitive edge. We’ll help build a specialized plan of action to help your ranch tap into high quality supply chains to source the elite heifers your program needs.

Perhaps you need to better identify or define your breeder goals and long term herd needs. A key fundamental to successful business management is identifying and understanding measurable components, like your core values, herd benchmarks, and cattle market metrics. We can help you start with the end in mind.

At the end of the day, people matter most; those that buy a product and those that take the time to understand and meet their needs. Let us help you be more effective by creating a step by step process to formulate and execute plans to help your business remain healthy, competitive, and sustainable for the next generation.

Sales and Marketing Management

Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of the Allied business is our flexibility. We realize every cattle sales opportunity is different. Therefore, each commercial ranch we service receives a customized package to cater to their specific needs.

If you need to have a large cow reduction or dispersal sale, our team will walk you step by step through the process and facilitate the formulation of a sale strategy and see its execution through to the end.

Furthermore, if your goal is to expand your operation by adding commercial bred heifers, our marketing team can offer you options to insert them alongside one of 60 branded genetics programs from coast to coast. This will effectively capture the value of that existing brand while adding a symbiotic customer service element that serves as an extension of the genetic solutions the company as a whole can offer. By utilizing our understanding of strategic marketing and brand development, our team will help you set yourself apart.

Great partnerships are defined as mutually beneficial relationships that bring both value and strength to each of the participants that they might not enjoy alone. The beef business is full of opportunities, but none of us in this segmented industry can easily maximize success without the help of trusted partners. The Allied business offers a menu of service options to the commercial customers of its many seedstock supplier owners. High reputation partners are key to making these services available and valuable. Just as with the list of Allied ownership we know you will find our growing cast of industry partners a powerhouse and high reputation group built around offering the best products available to the commercial beef industry.