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Commercial Producer’s Genetics Bill of Rights

  1. Commercial producers are and will always be the backbone of the beef business. They are due treatment as such.
  2. Commercial producers have the right to be provided with genetics that add value and profit. They too should not be subjected to bull choices that do not offer improvement.
  3. Commercial producers deserve bulls that are reproductively and physically sound and whose longevity is not compromised by unwise or improper development.
  4. Commercial producers should expect meaningful, high value, unbiased and third party verified EPDs to use in the process of evaluating both bulls and seedstock source.
  5. Commercial producers deserve bulls and genetics at a price commensurate to genetic value and expected length of service.
  6. Commercial producers who invest in superior genetics and process deserve value added options to help capture profits above and beyond that of commodity-based cattle.
  7. Commercial producers deserve easy to use bulls regardless of the breeding system employed.
  8. Commercial producers should never be subjected to unmeasured or falsified data, ever!
  9. Commercial purchases should always come with a reasonable level of warranty.
  10. Commercial producers should expect bulls and their progeny to be successful in the environment in which they are asked to perform.
  11. Commercial producers should not be subjected to genetics that hinder the success of the larger beef industry.
  12. Commercial producers should expect bull purchases to be properly and timely transferred and are due regular communication from their seedstock provider.
  13. Commercial producers deserve:
  • Calving ease bulls that calve easily.
  • Maternal bulls that promote fertility, reduced cost and all traits that help insure longevity.
  • Terminal bulls that provide accelerated growth, improved efficiency and added carcass value.
  • General purpose bulls designed to create consistent progress, uniformity, simplified production and profit in multiple trait areas.
  • Bulls that facilitate the use of heterosis for proven, enhanced and simplified profit

Simply put, commercial producers should accept nothing less than professional genetic improvement and service from a seedstock supplier that cares as much or more about their customer’s success as they do their own.

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How can the ALLIED Commercial Marketing Team work for you?

To learn more about the commercial marketing opportunities available through the ALLIED Team, click here to watch our video –

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Great partnerships are defined as mutually beneficial relationships that bring both value and strength to each of the participants that they might not enjoy alone. The beef business is full of opportunities, but none of us in this segmented industry can easily maximize success without the help of trusted partners. The Allied business offers a menu of service options to the commercial customers of its many seedstock supplier owners. High reputation partners are key to making these services available and valuable. Just as with the list of Allied ownership we know you will find our growing cast of industry partners a powerhouse and high reputation group built around offering the best products available to the commercial beef industry.