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Just thinking of the degree of customer service you have provided for me


“I was just thinking of the degree of customer service you have provided for me ever since we started doing business together.  Since you have started a new venture I want your new customers and prospective customers to realize the quality of customer service they can realistically expect themselves. When I was buying herd bulls, you always provided me with excellent quality bulls well suited to my operation, reasonably priced and promptly delivered. The service that really stands out in my mind is this. I purchased two bulls at a sale while my ranch was listed for sale. The ranch was sold a few days later leaving me with two surplus bulls. I needed to resell them, hopefully without losing money. I did not buy them from Jared. I explained my situation to Jared and he came to my rescue. I had the bulls delivered to Jared. He kept them [...]

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The high caliber Team at Allied will……..

Allied Genetics Resources has been a great resource for not only genetics but also knowledge in the cattle industry. Whether you are a commercial producer or a seed stock producer the guys at Allied can help to make your operation as profitable as possible. They go above and beyond to make sure that if you are treated with respect. No matter what size operation you have, they will treat you like their number one priority. The high caliber team at Allied will expense any option they have to make sure you have the resources you need to be successful in the beef industry!

John Campbell
Campbell Emery Operations, LLC
Saltville, VA & Bristol, TN



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Great partnerships are defined as mutually beneficial relationships that bring both value and strength to each of the participants that they might not enjoy alone. The beef business is full of opportunities, but none of us in this segmented industry can easily maximize success without the help of trusted partners. The Allied business offers a menu of service options to the commercial customers of its many seedstock supplier owners. High reputation partners are key to making these services available and valuable. Just as with the list of Allied ownership we know you will find our growing cast of industry partners a powerhouse and high reputation group built around offering the best products available to the commercial beef industry.